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‘ What is this? Carter is not a blind monk. How can he take out an eye stone? ‘‘

‘ I haven’t been home for so long, and I can’t make a big stick out of it.”
The scene immediately exploded, and several people expressed their incomprehension. Xiaoyue and liker also wanted to help Lu Zhan explain, but they didn’t know how to change the garden.
They really want to tell themselves that Lu Zhan bought the wrong one and will cancel the purchase and replace it with a small mask. However, Lu Zhan not only did not cancel the purchase, but also bought the crystal directly.
Out of here, it is impossible to cancel the purchase of eye stones and it has become a reality.
Liker and abortion looked at each other and smiled bitterly at each other. Their level really doesn’t show what this equipment can do without saying a word.
Carter, an output hero has an auxiliary equipment, and everyone will feel the difference.
However, everyone in the professional stands was lost in thought.
"Eye stone eye stone" "Soaz muttered.
I didn’t expect this equipment.’ Simon night blew and stopped. His face was very strange, unwilling and envious.
Or did peke explain first” The cannon and the sword-Ji didn’t pull the equipment. These two people have strong output ability. For the current China team, it is enough to rely on their output. Compared with the three-point law, the law is stronger than ours, but one percent less than d5. The law is not necessarily what China needs, but the extra money will become what China needs most.
"Well, vision plus timing, Carter needs to rely on teammates or others to cut his own words, but with an eye stone, he can cut in and take control of his own initiative anytime and anywhere." Simon said at night and went on with his words.
The blind monk we usually see is the hero who often shows off his eyes. Compared with other heroes, like Carter Jax, although he also has the skill of jumping eyes, he can jump his own eyes or decorate his eyes. On the one hand, because they don’t play wild, they don’t need to make a full field of vision. On the other hand, they need more money or defensive equipment to save money. But this game”
‘ This game, the China team finished opening this time period, which is not bad for Carter’s output, and Carter’s flying all over the field needs more vision.”
A few people tried to say a word to me, and soon analyzed the reason why Lu exhibited the eye stone.
桑拿按摩  title=After such analysis, they found that making an eye stone is definitely a much better choice than a stick.
The reason is very simple. People here can usually think of the game, but they may not. Even if they do, no one dares to do it.
People here are more than South Korea in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Team players have won the championship-not the top players in the world, but no one dares to pretend so boldly.
This is the final of the Star Wars, and it is the highest stage in the world, and it is also the final, which is of great significance.
In a place like this, no one here rushes to innovate, and they are afraid of failure and going back to China.
However, Lu Zhan has repeatedly refreshed their understanding that they have not been freed from the shock caused by the ability of Pan Sen to dismantle towers, and Lu Zhan’s eye stone Carter once again surprised them
Come on, Soaz deeply discounts the land exhibition to do things they have never done before.
"To win," Simon said at night, the same land exhibition here, land exhibition innovation, land exhibition exercise, does not show a peak ability that none of them have ever had.
This is a victory of the spirit of going forward, and the land exhibition can put the thought into practice
From a non-professional background, every idea he has is unprecedented and will not be limited by thinking.
At the moment, the South Korean players still don’t know that Lu Zhanfang is putting them together to prepare for the little dragon.
Seeking opportunities from Xiaolong is the best way they can think of, and other ideas.
Ritz road, but he has been paying attention to Xiaolong’s situation. He has sent it, which is his advantage over Jianji.
In the same situation, the China team can gather everyone here to wait for Xiaolong to appear
In this game, the China team is not as usual. They are responsible for the ad output, not the ad. Jian Ji is further behind. He wants to ensure his own safety.
Except for Lu Zhan, these people are all dressed normally. Jianji is going to make a hydra-based small gun and come up with a hat directly.
Four people are here waiting for the opportunity next to Xiaolong Lu Zhan.
Will the Korean players come? ‘ * * * q
I don’t know, and Lu Zhan is not sure what the Korean players think.
After four games, especially the last two games, it was not easy for Lu Zhan to judge the South Korean team’s command idea.
It seems that there are two South Korean teams, one according to the middle distance in the routine, and the other is a special and effective trick.
Lu Zhan can’t figure out their routine, but he has no room for mistakes. He must make sure that everything is the safest.
Xiaolong refreshed the emperor and quickly opened the sword. Ji also followed in Q. At this time, the Korean team finally moved.
The blind monk made a Q skill from the side of Xiaolong Canyon, and once he hit Xiaolong, he had Xiaolong’s vision.
Pay attention to the side Lu Zhan’s words immediately appeared in the ears of several players, and his intention to wake up was obvious because he knew that the blind monk was not just a scout, and the South Korean team would not let go of this little dragon.
Lu Zhan’s voice just fell and the blind monk rushed in. He took the initiative to rush into the crowd, which surprised all the China players.
Rushing in like this is like exposing yourself in front of everyone. At the beginning of fighting Xiaolong, you can say that the opposite side wants to fight immediately.
However, Lu Zhan woke them up and made them ready. The whole array of China team moved to the emperor, and everyone else was on guard against Lu Zhan.
‘ spluttered”
≡‖People ‖
Say it.
Lu Zhan said it’s right. The mouse on this side has been invisible to several people. When it appears, it is a big move.
"Let the little dragon kill the mouse, pay attention to the formation and stay away from the blind monk." "The prompt arrival of Lu Zhan’s instructions gave the China team a goal
At the first moment, the emperor eq hit the mouse head with a big move, and the mouse immediately flashed out behind the emperor. However, Mogana Q skill actually hit the mouse behind him.
Good” Don’t leave yourself to refuel yourself and go over and make a big move to stop the mouse.
The little dragon regiment finally started the land exhibition while waiting for the opportunity to assassinate him.
Chapter 4 Crossing the Wind Wall
The China team of Mogana mice was not disappointed by this. The mice flashed and handed over without displacement. Now they are definitely out of Mogana’s palm. The China team can kill the mice from it.
The mouse seems to know that his fate has been greatly influenced by Mogana, so he simply turns around and shoots directly at several people.
But at the moment, Mogana entered the battlefield in the hammer stone hook, and Ritz began to send it.
There are still two people. Lu Zhan thought that his most important thing was not the mouse, but that the admission of Ritz and Yasuo was decisive.
Yu hammer stone never considers him.

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