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Li Zhenyu looked blankly at the empty corner, and everyone seemed to wander away.

"Hit him! Hey! " Tian Liang knows that this farce must be ended as soon as possible. Li Zhenyu is in danger of recurrence of old diseases. Xia Xue is in danger of threatened premature birth, and Wu Tianyou is the first figurine. However, it is absolutely not suitable to punish Wu Tianyou again. If Xia Xue knows that Wu Tianyou has his fingers broken, she can’t bear it! Her emotional breakdown will be disastrous! The child will definitely be uncertain! If you lose your child, Li Zhenyu will collapse! "Let him lie in bed for half a month first, and Mr. Wang will come to get even with him again!"
Li Zhenyu still didn’t speak, so he acquiesced in Tian Liang dialect.
So those thugs in black lost the iron bars that hit Wu Tianyou’s fingers and began to punch and kick him.
"Sir, let’s go!" Tian Liang tentatively pulled Li Zhenyu to wake up and said, "Madam Shao is unstable. Let’s go back and calm her down first!"
Li Zhenyu felt trance, but his heart was still white. He pinched his eyebrows and tried his best to spit out a word "go"
Xia Xue is red in the early hours of the morning!
Li Zhenyu never appeared in Xia Xue ward accompanied by Tian Liang.
"What about Jin Woo!" Xia Xue asked with tears.
Lu Yuanhang method answered Tian Liang’s busy step in the previous step and respectfully replied, "Sir, I feel a little unwell and go back to rest! He asked me to tell Mrs. Wu Tianyou that her finger was fine and she just beat him up! "
Xia Xue nervously in my heart because she heard that Li Zhenyu was going to break Wu Tianyou’s ten fingers. At that time, her roots couldn’t bear the emotional fluctuations, which led to more severe fetal movements. Now she saw red "Jin Woo? Is he angry! "
Is she all right? Can’t even look after a child! No wonder Li Zhenyu was disappointed with her and refused to come to see her now, but he never showed up even though he knew that she had come to see Hong Lu and Tian Liang.
"Xia Xue, calm down!" Yuan-hang Lu came and sat down beside Xia Xue, holding her hands and comforting, "I didn’t tell Jin Woo what you saw. He didn’t know! Wu Tianyou was beaten up. It’s okay! So it’s not that he can figure it out sooner or later. Now you have to keep your mood stable and optimistic, and then you can talk about it! "
Xia Xue bite bite lips two drops of tears fall to SOB a way "it’s my fault! I let him down! "
"No!" Yuan-hang lu busy comfort way "Jin Woo temper I know he is … is afraid of two people meet to talk about some unpleasant things affect your miscarriage but kind to do bad things! Now lie down and have a good sleep! I promise you will see him when you wake up one day! "
Really? Xia Xue didn’t ask this sentence, but his heart was full of activity. Because Li Zhenyu often does this, she found herself lying in his arms when she woke up in the morning. Maybe Li Zhenyu came back in the morning as Lu Yuanhang said.
"Give her half a tranquilizer!" Lu Yuanhang silently told the little nurse that her handsome face was particularly dignified, and she was sedated twice a day … I hope it won’t affect the fetus! But now Xia Xue is in urgent need of sleep and rest, otherwise the fetus will run out of luck.
After half a month, Xia Xue was hospitalized to protect the fetus
Li Zhenyu never appeared again! Even if she eagerly looks forward to him, even if she wakes up every morning, she will reach out to her side, even if she sends people home to get the unfinished sweater … She never sees Li Zhenyu again.
But Xia Xue never took the initiative to ask Li Zhenyu about his recent attitude and emotions, just as she never asked Wu Tianyou anything and never asked Wu Tianyou if she really put on musk or asked him why he did that.
None of these things are important now! The important thing is that she should keep the baby in her womb and let him be born safely!
Lu Yuanhang severely warned her that if she had any more violent mood swings, the child would be doomed.
Xia Xue remembered Lu Yuanhang’s warning in her heart, and she strictly followed him and told her to relax as much as possible and not to think much about anything except children.
Children are the most important! Everything else will be investigated after the baby is born.
But what hasn’t Li Zhenyu appeared yet?
Saw Xia Xue melancholy or Lu Yuanhang comfort her "Jin Woo afraid of affecting your mood he temporarily avoided! What he avoided was you two children! It is enough for you to remember that he loves your children! "
Thanks to Lu Yuanhang for always comforting and taking care of her! It’s her luck to know him so blue. Xia Xue is lucky to get him to stick to her friend so much. Li Zhenyu is lucky.
If it weren’t for Lu Yuanhang’s discovery that she was wearing musk, I’m afraid … Xia Xue couldn’t imagine going, well, thinking about these unpleasant things! Don’t ask Wu Tianyou the truth, don’t ask!
Xia Xue repeatedly told himself that he was determined not to seek answers!
At this point, the answer is not as important as the baby in the womb.
It’s Han Xiao who seldom visits her! Once in a while, I will leave Xia Xue soon. I feel that she and Han Xiao seem to have gradually formed a wall, which is silence.
喝茶约茶Laughing at Korea, I will say what’s unpleasant on the spot, and I won’t leave any taboo. But she saw Lu Yuanhang accompany and take care of Xia Xue several times, but she didn’t say anything. Since then, she has gradually reduced the number of visits to Xia Xue under the pretext of busy work.
"Madam said you can’t go in!" Guards at the door to stop way
Du Hua aggressive pushing to stop her bodyguard folded scold "good dog out of the way! I want to ask Xia Xue a question! "
"Ma ‘am, you can’t get close to the young lady!" Another bodyguard also stopped me.
"The reverse! You two dare to block my way! " Du Hua stomped to the ground and the sound was sharp and sharp. "Get out of here! I went in to find Xia Xue and have something to ask her! "
"I’m sorry, sir, I told you not to go near the young lady!"
On how Du Hua pushed, beat and scolded those two keeper bodyguards who refused to back down.
Finally, Du Hua tore open his voice at the door and scolded him, "What are you trying to do to provoke the two brothers?"! You’ll be happy to see them fighting like dogs! If God bless the finger method to restore or leave a disability, I will never spare you! "

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