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At about 10 o’clock, Lin Ya finished hanging the ward and the people were almost scattered.

After lying in bed for two hours, she really got up and opened the door and went out.
Originally, I wanted to ask when I could leave the hospital. Who ever thought that a doctor met Xu Ran at the door of his office?
Lin Ya hesitated and was about to catch up when she heard the female doctor say, "This is the sixth abortion for you and me. I told you that your body is at its limit. If you don’t pay attention this time, you will probably never get pregnant again."
The doctor’s office was silent for a long time before Xu Ran said, "I can’t marry a generation like me anyway."
Lin Ya outside dazed heart breath.
When I was about to leave, a nurse came up and cried, "Miss Lin Ya, the vip room?" Please come with me to doctor Zhang’s office. "
"Good" Lin Ya should follow the man’s footsteps.
Door Xu Ran heard called up and went out to look at is to see Lin Yajin an office.
Xu Ran frowned and went back to get the doctor’s prescription and went out.
Dr. Zhang’s office-
The opposite doctor reached out and pushed his nose and glanced at Lin Yadao. "Did you have a gunshot wound before you were admitted to the hospital?"
按摩  title=Lin Yamo paused and said truthfully, "That’s right. Is there a problem?"
Dr. Zhang looked at her again and said, "The wound is not handled well. The film shows that there is a foreign body in your abdomen. I suspect it is debris residue."
Hearing this, Lin Ya asked, "What’s your opinion?"
The gunshot wound was just after graduation, and it was forced to interview her in the Syrian battlefield by david’s gang in country Y. It was possible that the conditions were poor and the wound was not handled cleanly!
"You’d better do another operation to take it out."
Lin Ya frowns. I’m afraid I can’t come when I’m in a hurry in country Y recently, and I need a recovery period after surgery. She’s been messing around with the whole trip.
So he asked, "Wait a little longer?"
The male doctor across the street looked up at her and said, "It’s not necessary to wait, but doctor, I still hope you can decide as soon as possible that everything will have an emergency and it’s best to operate as soon as possible."
Lin Ya frowned and thought for a while. "I know what you mean. I’ll think it over and give you an answer. Thank you."
When she got up, she just came out of the doctor’s office and turned around and saw Xu Ran.
Xu Ran was leaning against the wall with a bag of medicine and looked at her with a weak smile. She seemed to wait for her deliberately.
Seeing her coming out, Xu Ran pulled her mouth and walked towards her. "Is it convenient to chat?"
Lin Ya nodded and two people went to the promenade.
The weakness after abortion made her whole face as white as paper, even her lips were white.
Lin Ya’s face flashed a trace of worry. "Are you all right?"
Xu Ran shook his head and pulled out a cigarette to light it. "It’s okay. I always have to do this kind of minor surgery several times a year. I’m used to it."
Then she put the cigarette in her hand into her mouth, and Lin Ya frowned and raised my hand. She took the cigarette out of her hand and threw it aside in the trash can.
"You just finished surgery and are not suitable for smoking!"
Xu Ranleng then smiled with a faint mist under his eyes. "It’s nice to have a heart in this world."
Lin Ya is called "Xu Ran" with some love.
Xu Ran smiled apologetically. "Did I scare you like this? Abortion, smoking, and helping friends used to be what I hated most, but now I experience it all the time. "
Lin Ya’s throat is a little sore and she doesn’t know how to comfort her. At this time, it seems that everything she says is very powerful.
Section 45
"I felt like a dream when the plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean the year you disappeared, but you know what happened to me later? I wish I had a dream!" Her voice was bitter and desperate.
Lin Ya doesn’t want to be more reluctant to listen to her memories of those scars that were unbearable in the past. She is afraid that Xu Ran’s heart will never heal every time, just like going back to the original scene!
She interrupted, "Where’s Uncle? Is he okay? "
Three years ago, she remembered that her father had been in poor health when she left.
It was quiet around for a while.
Xu Rancai said, "If you die, your illness will get worse soon after the plane crash, and I have no money to treat him."
And it was because she was eager to find money that she was given by those hooligans …
Lin Yafang couldn’t help but hold her hand tightly, and then suddenly remembered that she lent her 3 thousand yuan when she left, and returned it when she didn’t!
I apologize deeply. "I’m sorry. If I hadn’t asked you to give me money, he might not have …"
Xu Ran shook his head and wiped a face of tears. "It’s over, and even with that three thousand dollars, it’s not enough."
"I’m sorry, I …" Lin Ya was upset, but she also knew that this kind of upset could not be rooted at the moment.
Xu Ran interrupted with a smile, "I am very grateful that you have helped Shen Yi now."
Paused, she added, "By the way, Shen Yi’s father is also in this hospital. I’ll let him thank you when he comes over."

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