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In one afternoon, I was looking for a rush from Huaxin to Lixin, and then I drove to the river. Almost every place had an understanding. Finally, I made a plan in my heart. I didn’t have much room to rent. Then I chose a small room a few kilometers away from Yan Jiaxin and rented it. The boss was also very frank. I didn’t hesitate to give him three months’ rent and got the extra money. The boss happily gave me the key.

At noon, Wang Ye and I came to the Union Club and sat down to wait for the arrival of the Union boss.
While waiting, we ordered two cups of coffee, and then brought two newspapers. Wang Yeting had a business mind before, but he had his own small company, but because of lack of funds, he had to withdraw from this capital game. He didn’t study any university, and all his knowledge was accumulated by his own social struggle, but it didn’t improve much for 5 6 years, and we both wanted to make a career like a pair of people who cherish each other. He believed me, and I also believed that he had no reason to believe that I would give him the bar to take care of, and that was how he showed his ability.
After drinking a cup of coffee, we finally waited. We wanted to wait for someone to come over. It was a man in his thirties who was dressed very simply. He came up to us and gave us a brief introduction. "You are the two young people who want to take my place. Isn’t that good? Is that a good eye? My last name is Li, and I’m Luo. If you don’t mind, call me Luo Ge or Li Ge."
I smiled cheerfully at Lillo. "Well, call it Li Ge bar owners. If the location is good, we will notice it. I think there should be quite a few people who can get this site."
"It is true that many of my words have been hit nonstop since the news of transfer was sent out on my website and in reality. It can be said that I have never received so many words in my life, and many people have given a higher price than I expected."
After that, Lillo asked the waiter to bring him a cup of coffee. From his accent, I felt that he was not a Hengyang person and did not have the unique accent of Hengyang people. It seemed that he had a northerner accent.
Lillo looked at us and looked at us. I said to him again, "Li Ge, I’m a little curious. Since I have a higher price, why would I talk to people who want to talk to you about lowering the price several times?"
"Because I feel that you really want this land to do your business," Lillo paused, and then his cell phone suddenly rang again. I just wanted to say something and immediately took it back.
Lillo turned on the loudspeaker. I don’t know if it was intentional or intentional, but we already know the meaning of calling him from his loudspeaker.
"Mr. Li, I’m willing to pay 1% more for that land. If you are willing to transfer that land to me, I’ll have the money transferred to your card immediately."
"I’m sorry, boss Zhang. I’m in a meeting now. I’ll talk to you after the meeting."
Just after Lillo finished speaking, he hung up the phone. In the last few seconds, we heard the boss Zhang across the street shouting urgent voices.
I looked at Wang Ye Wang Ye and said to me, "Well," the coffee made at this time has also been put in front of Lillo. Lillo picked it up and took a sip before saying to us, "Do you know why the person I just talked to wants such a piece of land so badly?"
"Because there is a very big land behind my land, and that boss Zhang is a real estate owner, he wants to sell the whole place. Otherwise, there is such a place that doesn’t belong to him. Everything he wants to carry out at the grassroots level will be blocked by my occupation. It can be said that if we are sold out, it will block his financial path. And I just said that you really want to do business, saying that you are not as private as those people, and deliberately make it difficult for the surrounding people to buy a common house at high prices. I would rather earn less money than do those.
桑拿会所Lillo said this, the more we feel that such a simple person has become not plain. There are almost no such people in society who will give up their own interests and think about others, even if there are very few cases.
Wang Ye asked Lillo again, "Then Li Ge, are you willing to transfer this land to us?"
Lillo laughed cheerfully. He took a spoon of coffee and stirred it as if thinking about a problem. After stirring for a long time, he finally picked it up and drank it directly. Then he asked us, "What do you think?"
"If Li Ge is willing to transfer, we will try our best to meet your requirements. Maybe we can raise so much money for a while, but we are willing to add more shares to Rico. After all, we have some difficulties in cash now." My expression is a bit difficult because Wang Ye gave me a thorough understanding when I came, and I dare not directly agree to Lillo’s requirements.
Lillo took a serious look at us and finally took out a cigarette and lit it. "If you really want to do business for seven days, don’t let me see you act in that kind of adversity. Otherwise, even if you take this land, you are not qualified to live in that lot because it is a tiger."
Chapter one hundred and ten Information game begins
As Lillo said, there are tigers coveting this land, not simple people, but shopping mall predators. Everyone knows with great interests that this piece will bring benefits, not just millions. If it is done well, it will drive a series of benefits, which is immeasurable.
If we are allowed to take this piece of land, we really have to weigh whether it was born in that adversity. Maybe one day it will be swallowed up by some crocodile, and we will be equivalent to a sheep born in a wolf pack. If we don’t pay attention, they will immediately break the circle and bite it.
I looked up thoughtfully and looked out the window. My mood was a little complicated. Lillo took out a cigarette for me and asked me, "Smoke?"
I nodded and then took the cigarette and started smoking. Lillo suddenly said "Yan Xincheng" to me.
I suddenly froze up and turned my eyes to him. He pointed to my lighter and then said, "Your lighter is engraved with Yan Xincheng."
"Well, what’s the matter?" I began to wonder that Wang Ye and I were both a little surprised by Lillo’s expression.
He asked me, "Why do you have such a lighter? Do you know Yan Lao?"
"No, but his granddaughter is my girlfriend. She gave it to me."
Lillo suddenly laughed. "I will transfer this land to you. Of course, I want to take a stake in 2%. Can you promise?"
Wang Ye and I were both a little surprised and speechless. After half a day, we asked hesitantly, "What did you say about Li Ge? You said that you would transfer this land to us."
"That’s right, just treat Yan Lao as a favor and there is no chance in this generation. I didn’t expect that. I didn’t expect that."
Looking at this smiling Lillo, I finally relaxed and asked him, "Li Ge, do you know the master?"
"I knew that my grandfather helped me when I was in the most difficult time. Although he may not remember who I was, I would have been killed by a debt collector without his help. I will never forget this feeling in my life."
When Lillo talked about Yan Xincheng, his eyes were full of respect. It seems that Master Yan is really great and really respectable.
Lillo looked at his watch and then took out a business card from his wallet and put it in front of me. "I guess we can talk more when there is no chance today. I hope you can let me meet Yan’s grandfather and granddaughter when there is no chance for him to say thank you. Let me say thank you to her granddaughter. I hope you won’t let me down in 7 days."

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