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"Then let her generation never come back," said Mrs. Han directly.

Zhong Yugong face a lag "mom, what do you mean …"
"Since she can do this kind of thing, she must have not given up on Ah Shu, thinking about finding it out so that our old Korean family can be ashamed and xiaoxiao can feel sorry for our family, so that she can take advantage of it. Hum, she wants to be beautiful, but our old Korean family is not a vegetarian. Remember to ask Zhengming to find someone to go to England to find her later. It is best to watch her for a generation and forbid her to come back!"
Mrs. Han is kind-hearted in eating fast and chanting Buddha on weekdays, but it is really angry to say such a thing.
"…" Zhong Yuhong looked at the old lady Han with an angry expression and sighed. "Actually, I was quite sympathetic to her for a while, especially when I heard the news that Shi Jun said that she committed suicide. I was particularly upset in my heart and had nightmares for several days. I was afraid that Ah Shu really owed a life. I didn’t expect it was her …"
The words haven’t finished yet. The old Korean lady suddenly reached out and pushed her arm.
"Psst …" Zhong Yuhong looked at her mother-in-law in surprise, but saw her expression change a hundred degrees. She looked at her behind and said, "Xiaobai woke up, didn’t she?"
Zhong Yugong busy turned his head and sure enough, Gao Xiaobai was wearing a one-piece white bear pajamas in front of the toy door, and she was squinting at them with big sleepy eyes and didn’t know how long it had been there.
Seeing that both of them looked back at themselves, Gao Xiaobai slightly bent his mouth, probably because he had just woken up. MengMeng, a small meat face, said that his voice was also grandma’s anger "grandma is too grandma."
Since Han Zhengming set up a children’s bed in the toy room, Gao Xiaobai often took a nap on the first floor. Now I don’t know if they woke him up because they said the voice was too loud. The old lady always felt guilty when she spoke, for fear that the little guy would hear something that should not be obeyed.
However, she was relieved to see that Gao Xiaobai’s face was particularly innocent and evil. She walked up to him and hugged the little guy’s soft body and asked, "Is Xiao Xiaobai hungry?"
Gao Xiaobai’s sparkling dark eyes opened his mouth again and made a delicate little yawn. "Xiaobai is hungry."
"Well, let grandma get you a bowl of soup and wait for mom and dad to come and have dinner together, okay?" Korea’s old lady coax way
Zhong Yuhong got up and walked to the kitchen with a smile. The old lady Gao Xiaobaihan had a nest in her arms and suddenly opened her mouth and said, "Grandma, can I ask you a question?"
"What’s the question?" The old lady smiled at the little guy in her arms. The more she looked at this great-grandson, the more she liked it. She felt that there was no more beautiful and lovely child in the world.
"Great grandma, what were you talking about just now? Small white is awakened by you, "said Gao Xiaobai, cocked his little head and cute.
"Ah?" Mrs. Han smiled and said, "Nothing we are discussing about changing your mother’s name."
"Oh, change your name!" Gao Xiaobai nodded with a smile.
Korea’s old lady touched his little head and smiled.
Zhong Yuhong soon brought out the soup bowl. Gao Xiaobai unhurriedly moved from the sofa and followed her grandmother into the restaurant.
When Zhong Yuhong turned around and left, he put a small spoon into the bowl and twisted his little eyebrows.
It turns out that grandma was married to her uncle, and now mommy is married to her father. So when he meets menstruation, will he be called "menstruation" or "Sister"? No, it seems that my uncle has divorced my aunt, so I still have to call her "menstruation" …
On the other side, Yu Jinchuan was excited after receiving the old lady Yu’s words and immediately called Gao Xiaoxiao back.
Gao Xiaoxiao is washing his face in the bathroom, and the words are Han Yan.
When she came out after washing her face, she felt that Han Shu had a strange expression.
"What’s the matter? Who just called?" She asked.
"Dad’s calling" Han Shan said Yu Jinchuan again and finally said, "Make sure your name first, dad will help you get into Yu’s family to apply for an ID card, and then we will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to reissue the marriage certificate …"
Gao Xiaoxiao gaped at him. "So … will it come?"
"It’s more troublesome to get to know people in two days," said Han Shu, putting his arm around her. "It’s not long before I got married and I’m getting divorced. Do you think I’m easy?"
Gao Xiaoxiao had a little heart. "Yeah, I knew I wouldn’t do it at the beginning."
She still remembers that when she went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to divorce and get married, the staff gave them an incredible look of "flash divorce" and "flash marriage" … Now she has to do it again, even thinking about it makes her laugh.
"Are you still laughing?" Han Shan looked at her dangerously and squinted.
After pregnancy, Gao Xiaoxiaoji doesn’t wear skin care very much even after washing her face with warm water in the morning and evening, but her face and skin are still too good to be good, which is nothing like the "yellow-faced woman" in the words.
So close up, not only are there no pores to pay off, but there is a delicate whiteness and a natural healthy glow. At first glance, it is really better than before.
As soon as Han Shu’s heart throbbed, he put his lips on it, feeling like a skinned egg, white, tender, smooth and soft.
He moved very gently, sucking and kissing the tender one by one.
Gao Xiaoxiao’s face turned red with his kiss, and he glanced at the corner of his eye. The clock was busy reaching out to push him away. "Don’t kiss the floor, I’m hungry."
按摩Just now, two kebabs were so small that she didn’t have enough to eat! Who knows …
Full! Who knows …
"I’m hungry, too," Han Shu said, unable to help rubbing her waist and sticking it to herself again and again. "I didn’t have enough just now, and your husband is still on fire."
Gao Xiaoxiao pushed his fiery chest with his hands and said, "So … what should I do?"
Han Shao looked at her with a pair of hot eyes, and finally forced her to suck a low alcohol in her mouth and fiercely accused her of "letting you tease me later"
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
When did she seduce him?
As Han Shu said, Yu Jiali will do it quickly.
Later the next day, Yu Jinchuan called her again and asked her to go to Yu’s home to get the registration information and ID card and quickly change the marriage certificate back.
Because the next afternoon happened to be Gao Xiaoxiao’s appointment to go to the hospital for a checkup and discuss with Yu Jinchuan, he decided to go to Yu’s house for dinner after the checkup and then go directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau with things.
At 9: 04 pm, a black Range Rover slowly entered the military compound.
The compound is a family-by-family pattern. However, at present, every street outside each family has been pulled by a disposable guardrail, which is like a parking space, and the ground is marked with different numbers.
Time pu looked at it and didn’t think much.
Waiting for the bus to drive into the gate of Yu’s house, turn around and park the car to the north. While nourishing, carefully hold the time and enter the villa.
"Miss Table and her children-in-law are coming." Sister Wu warmly greeted her, took out her slippers and put them in front of her feet.
Time took care to help the north while changing shoes and looking at the living room. "Is grandma Wu not at home?"
"Oh, the old lady took the eldest housewife to drop in for a while and will be back soon," said Wu Sao with a smile.
Time Pu frowned. "What about others?"
It’s not even 1 o’clock. How can we swing around the house?
"…" Wu sister-in-law leng leng busy account said "Mr. and Mrs. To distribute wedding invitations to the second young master and the second wealthy family building?"
"Oh" time pu light should be one.
She also knows that Yu Hanzhen and Gao Xiaoxiao reissued the wedding, but because the family has been busy paying debts recently, Yu Xiyuan rarely comes and walks. If she hadn’t sent something today, she would have forgotten that the wedding day would be in a few days.
She waved her hand and said impatiently, "All right, I’ll just sit and wait for grandma. You go ahead."

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