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If she still clamors to change rooms with her colleagues who have already moved in … what’s the difference between her and those unruly customers?

As a result, when they entered Room 3, they saw the two narrow and short beds …
"How can you live here?" Chang Huan Yan just put up with her temper and came at once.
There will be a reversal in the chapter …
☆ 44 What are you ashamed of?
"How can you live here?" Chang Huan Yan just put up with her temper and came at once.
This Bai Gujing must be intentional!
Chang Huanyan threw her bag into the bed and turned to rush outside …
"What to do?" Yu Yu grabbed her arm.
"I’m going to find Bai Gujing!" Chang Huanyan pursed her mouth and her face was unhappy. "Jin Yu said that such a small thing could be wrong, and I specifically told her to bring you here today, and now she left us a sign. This score is intentional!"
约茶Yu Yu took her hand at the door and went to the bed to let her sit there "don’t get excited yet"
Chang Huan Yan looked at him angrily. "I’m not excited. Look at this bed … so small and so short. How do you sleep late? I can’t stretch my legs! "
Compared with her excitement and indignation, Yu Yu was particularly calm. When she heard this, she even smiled and asked her, "Why can’t I sleep just for one night?"
Chang Huanyan "…"
"When I was abroad, I often couldn’t sleep for days and nights. Sometimes I needed a chair to sleep." Yu Yu patiently explained that she didn’t mind so much.
Say that finish, she sat opposite the bed.
One-meter-nine, plus a strong and sturdy figure, just sitting there, I feel that the little bed is about to collapse by him, and I feel uneasy at all …
Chang Huanyan got more and more upset when she watched it. "No, I’d better find someone to change rooms."
"No" Yu Yu grabbed her arm again. "Others are probably a couple, too. Do you want them to stop?"
"Then do we deserve to live?" Chang Huan Yan immediately asked
Yu Yu Nai smiled, but as always, it was slow and peaceful. "When people are not machines, there will always be negligence and mistakes. Your leader has said that it is all the assistant’s fault, and she personally apologized. In front of so many people, I think it is enough for a leader to do this. Don’t be too harsh."
Chang Huanyan looked at him gloomily. "You actually speak for Bai Gujing?"
"It’s not that I speak for her. I just think it’s best not to think so badly of people and not to affect your mood because of this. Today is the annual meeting of your company. Wouldn’t it be better for you to go to Taiwan to receive the prize and enjoy this trip in a happy mood later?" Yu Yu said earnestly.
Chang Huan Yan listened to this long list of chicken soup for the soul. A crow flew over the corner of his mouth and twitched constantly.
Why haven’t I seen him so eloquent before?
Still so good at understanding people?
She glared at him angrily and said, "I think she did it on purpose anyway!" "
Yu Yu will continue to appease himself. Unexpectedly, he reached for the bedside table and read the introduction materials.
Chang Huanyan "…"
Her heart is humbled, and she wants to lie down as soon as she takes off her clothes.
Because she didn’t grasp the distance well, she slammed the back of her head on the hard bedside table.
Chang Huan Yan bites his teeth and hurts, and tears are about to come out.
Why is she so unlucky today?
Everything Sucks!
Yu Yu was shocked by this sound and immediately put the information on his feet and came over. "Why did you accidentally bump into it?"
"Can it not hurt? Blame you! " Chang Huan Yan shouted at him with a flat mouth and tears in his eyes.
"Why do you blame me when you hit it yourself?" Yu Yu had looked at her.
"If it weren’t for you, would I be so angry that I hit my head?" Chang Huan Yan argued irrationally and said
Yu Yu "…"
He didn’t speak again, but reached out and rubbed the back of her head gently.
Chang Huan-yan leaned on his arms with a flat mouth.
Smelling his familiar and warm breath, I don’t know what happened, but my heart was so angry that it miraculously subsided.

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