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Gao Xiaoxiao "…"

How does she feel that … Han Shu is a bit "son-friendly"?
Back to the car, Gao Xiaoxiao just put Ann’s cell phone ring.
Section 499
Pick it up and read it, then press the "answer" button "grandma?"
"Yeah, I know."
After hanging up, Han Shu casually asked, "What’s the matter?"
Although his tone is casual, Gao Xiaoxiao knows his character after getting along for so long, and he said frankly, "Grandma said that Time Pu was hospitalized after she came back from England, and it seems that the situation is not very good. Today they all went to the hospital."
Han Shu raised his eyebrows. "What should I tell you about this?"
Gao Xiaoxiao thought about it before saying, "Maybe it’s because we’re afraid that we’ll go to the compound and there’s no one at home."
After all, I agreed to have lunch with the old lady Yu today. Who knows …
"Didn’t let you visit in the past? By the way, what happened to her and Gu Bei? " Han Shu’s sarcastic expression is even more sour with a dislike tone.
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
I don’t guess, but I know that I must have made a narrow-minded mistake again.
Time Pu went to England this time and everyone knows that Gu went north … Although I don’t know what she came back alone, I can guess more or less that she should be inseparable from Gu to the north.
The old lady Yu also simply reported a result to her. How can he go to such a complicated place in Catharine?
Gao Xiaoxiao was angry and funny, but he didn’t want to be angry with him because of irrelevant people, so he simply turned his head and looked out of the window and yawned. "I’m sleepy. Go home."
"…" Han Yan gave her a serious look. "Are you sleepy?"
"Well," said Gao Xiaoxiao, closing his eyes and catnap.
Han Dong "…"
Although it’s sunny outside and the temperature is a little high, the windows are covered with protective films, and when the sun comes in, it’s not dazzling, but warm and comfortable
The car was driving steadily. Gao Xiaoxiao closed his eyes and wondered if he was sleepy because he was pregnant. He pretended to actually fall asleep later.
Waiting for the bus to stop suddenly, when she woke up again, she looked out of the window in a daze but froze. "Why are you here?"
"Buy something" Han Shu unbuckled her seat belt "Are you still sleeping? Or go with me? "
"Let’s go together." Gao Xiaoxiao smiled at him and untied Ando.
Behind the car, as if nothing had happened before, the two men walked in hand towards the store.
This is a gift shop, decorated with pink and tender girls’ peaks. Han Shu wore a white shirt, black trousers and long and straight, so he walked in. Every part of the shop was full of outstanding temperament, which immediately attracted the reception of the clerk with red hearts.
"Hello, sir. What can I do for you?"
"Is Mr. Wang going to buy a gift for his girlfriend?"
"Do you want me to introduce you, sir?"
Gao Xiaoxiao looked at the shop assistants with some taste.
Look at Han Shan. He frowned slightly and his expression was slightly impatient … Then Gao Xiaoxiao was happy at once.
"Do you sell wishing bottles?" Han Shu finally spoke.
It’s not just Gao Xiaoxiao. Everyone has been struck by thunder.
Wishing bottle Such a tall and handsome man wants to buy such a bitch?
One of the shop assistants in "Yes" responded quickly and said, "Please come with me"
Gao Xiaoxiao was dragged by him to a shelf, where all kinds of wishing bottles were placed in a dazzling array. After looking at them, Han Shu said, "Give me ten of these."
"Good sir, please wait a moment." The clerk was just about to pick up Gao Xiaoxiao and put him in the shopping box. "What are you doing with so many wishing bottles?"
For no reason, I brought her here and bought something like a wishing bottle for a little girl, and I bought it, and I still have to buy ten!
品茶论坛Who makes such a wish?
Han Shu looked at her seriously and said, "Give my daughter ten wishing bottles a year."
One every year, just waiting for her to be ten years old. "
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Her face was covered with black lines. She bought a wishing bottle, paid for it and left the store with her bag.
All the way, Han Han whistled happily while driving.
The corners of the mouth are constantly hooked on the handsome face, soft and relaxed, and the right hand is holding Gao Xiaoxiao’s hand
Gao Xiaoxiao saw his one eye and really didn’t know why he was so happy, but he smiled slightly when he held his hand back in such a high spirit.
Three minutes later, Bentley drove into Xiangxiyuan Villa Community.

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