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"Paying the bill is a man’s business, so women should not compete for it." Chu said in a word that she "won’t eat with me unless later."

After paying the bill, Chu night and Lu sorrow came out, and it was still raining outside. The rain was even bigger. Looking at the dark day, I felt that the rain had no meaning to stop.
And this time is also the rush hour for taxis. They stopped several cars and didn’t stop them.
Chu night put Lu You on the eaves outside the store. "You wait for me here and I’ll pull up the car."
Chu night went to the roadside with an umbrella. Lu looked at the cars coming and going and woke him up anxiously. "Chu night be careful."
Chu night back ordered a head of "you can rest assured that you don’t get caught in the rain and catch a cold"
Chu night went to the side of the road and stretched out his hand to pull up the car. Some cars hurried by and made the rain shallow, but the dirty mud on the corner of his upper and trousers did not reduce his temperament.
Lu sorrow bit her lip and looked at Chu night with rapt attention. She didn’t realize that a figure had approached her.
Lu sorrow was caught by the bearer’s wrist. As soon as she turned around, she saw the bearer wearing a hooded hat with a low brim and low rain. She didn’t see each other clearly.
She froze and froze, and was dragged into the car next to her forcibly, while quickly cutting her hand back. cable tie tightened her hand and couldn’t move.
Lu you struggled hard and shouted, "Chu night save me!" "
As soon as the voice fell, she was pushed into the back seat by one person and got out of the car.
The man drove away quickly.
Because of the heavy rain, Chu night didn’t listen clearly. When he looked back, he saw that Lu You had no eaves and saw a car driving soon. Only then did he realize that Lu You seemed to really call her just now.
The car had already left before he ran.
He secretly blamed himself for not protecting Lu You, and now he doesn’t know who robbed her.
As soon as he threw the umbrella in his hand, she got wet and ran into the road, not afraid of death, and forced a car to stop with open arms.
The owner also leaned his head out of the window regardless of the rain. "You fucking want to die!"
Chu night walked to the front of the owner’s driver’s seat without saying anything. His face was cold, and the rain dripping from his hat brim was pale and terrible, but he smiled at peace and the sunshine was totally different.
When the owner saw that he was so cold and scary, he couldn’t help but sip her lips and got stuck in his throat when he wanted to talk.
"You … what do you want?" The man was so scared that he couldn’t speak neatly.
Chu night took the wrist watch and neck necklace again and added a bank card to the man’s hand. "I’ll exchange these for your car."
A man’s car is only 100,000 yuan, but the watch and necklace on Chu night are so extravagant that they are worth 100,000 yuan. And the card is also exchanged for 100,000 yuan in cash, which is more than enough for him.
The owner looked at the things in his hand and was stupid. Chu night didn’t wait for his consent, so he pulled his door open and dragged him out of the car. He got out of the car and started the car and chased him.
The owner of the car was holding something in his hand in the rain, and he didn’t react from such a thing as "being robbed". The rain wet him all over.
Because it didn’t rain, the car didn’t drive too late. Fortunately, he saw the license plate number of the other party through the rain, and he didn’t dare to relax for a moment and followed it closely.
The car has been driving outside the city. At high speed, the rain is less than that in the city, and the visibility is greater.
Chu Yegen didn’t dare to slack off chasing cars. He thought that he would give a message to Lin Mo-chen, which would worry about Lu’s safety and Lin Mo-chen’s being her husband would be beneficial to know that if there was one thousand other ways to explain to Lin Mo-chen.
Besides, he doesn’t even know who the other person is. His ability is limited. One more person will give him more strength.
It’s urgent. I don’t think much about it. First, he called Gu Nanqing because he didn’t have any words from Lin Mochen.
"Chu night you are not a castle peak filming? Why did you call me? Is it unbearable to be lonely at night? " Gu nan poured out his words with flirting.
"Gu Zong Lin always sends me a message and I want to talk to him about something." Chu night is very serious and serious, which is in fresh contrast with Gu Nanqing’s pondering words.
Section 171
"Lin Mochen?" Gu Na tilted his eyebrows slightly and turned to the people around him.
Today, because everyone got together to have a drink, Gu Nanqing Lin Mo Chen Chu Heng Fu Hanyu went home to accompany his wife and didn’t come out.
Lin Mochen also heard his name and docked Gu Nanqing with some suspicious eyes.
He pointed to himself, "Who wants to see me?"
Gu Na leans from one shoulder. "You will know when you answer the words."
Lin Mochen took the phone from Gu Nanqing’s hand. "Hello?"
"Lin, I’m Chu Ye Lu You’ve had an accident." Chu Ye first succinctly tunnels.
Lin Mo Chen heard that Lu had an accident, and his face and expression changed, and the whole person was tense. "Lu sorrow, what happened to her? You speak slowly. "
桑拿会所"Today, Lu You and I went out for dinner, and it rained heavily. I asked her to wait for me at the door of the store. I pulled up the car at the roadside. At this time, Lu You was pulled away by someone." Chu Ye’s tone was deeply remorse. "Although I don’t know who the other party is, I am now following them. I am always sorry that I didn’t protect Lu You."
"If you continue to follow them, you’d better not be found out. Keep it open and I’ll call you at any time." Lin Mochen calmly said.
Lin Mo Chen and Chu night ended the call and threw the phone at Gu Na.
Gu Nanqing also heard "Lu You, what happened to her?"

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