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"Cough cough cough"

"…" The old lady was ashamed and blushed for a long time, and she was speechless.
After lunch, Han Shao must go back to Korea to hold a shareholders’ meeting. Because Yu Zhai has Gao Xiaoxiao’s room, she can rest here and just come back to pick her up and her son home after the meeting.
Gao Xiaoxiao has been used to taking a nap every day since she got pregnant, but I don’t know what happened today. I sat there watching Gao Xiaobai and Mrs. Yu play flying chess, and the more excited I became, the more I was.
After his two pregnant women had a rest, Yu Jinchuan said, "Rainy son, if you don’t have a lunch break, come with me to the room. I have something to tell you."
Gao Xiaoxiao saw that his expression was a little serious and immediately got up and followed him.
The room Yujinchuan door this just told her Gao Zhiqiu physical condition.
Gao Xiaoxiao’s face was sluggish and he continued to say, "The attending doctor told me that if you do surgery, the success rate is about 60%, and you may recover after surgery, and there may be some sequelae; But if she doesn’t have surgery, her headache will become more and more serious and frequent. In a few months, it will affect her brain nerves, including all the functions of her body … "
Gao Xiaoxiao sat on the sofa with her hands clenched tightly because of nervousness. "Dad, what do you mean …"
"So I hope she can do this operation, although she hasn’t promised Xiaoxiao." Yu Jinchuan said with a hint of request. "Will you help me to persuade Zhiqiu? You’re her own daughter, and I’m sure she’ll promise to do it if you want to talk. "
Gao Xiaoxiao bit his lip. "But what if the operation fails …?"
"…" Yu Jinchuan
"…" Yu Jinchuan looked at her for a long time before he said, "I believe that the operation will be successful and we must have confidence."
Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t speak. She lowered her head and knees, and her hands were white.
Although she doesn’t know much about medicine, she also knows that surgery is risky, especially craniotomy … It’s terrible to think about it.
I’m afraid what Gao Zhiqiu refuses to do is that he is worried that the operation will not be successful or … even if it is successful, it will continue to produce some bad sequelae in his later life.
She couldn’t help wondering what she would choose to do if this kind of thing was put aside.
Is it to challenge the 60% success rate or …
Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Yu Dongchen pushed the door open and asked, "Jinchuan, have you finished everything?"
Yu Jinchuan picked an eyebrow and said, "Rainy son, let’s go out first."
"No" Yudongchen came in directly and followed by Yu Yu and Yu Xiyuan.
"Rainy son also knows that this matter is a family and there is nothing to be afraid of. Let’s sit down and talk together," Yu Dongchen said.
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao’s mood has not changed, and I don’t know what they are going to talk about, but Yu Jinchuan motioned and sat back on the sofa.
Yuxiyuan although there are some doubts, but also don’t care, just ask "eldest brother, second brother, I came here today mainly for the first time. I don’t know if you have all discussed it without me. Can you …"
"I’m afraid we can’t help Xi Yuan on this matter," Yu Dongchen said without turning to the point.
"What? Brother, didn’t you promise me this time? " Yu Xiyuan is in a hurry these days. Zhenglin goes out early and comes home late every day. There are people in the company who go to collect debts … Worried, more than half of his hair is white.
It’s just tens of millions of RMB. Yu Dongchen and Yu Jinchuan are not short of money, and anyway, they are all brothers and sisters, so it’s not true in from ruin, is it?
Yu Dongchen looked at the latter and said, "Aunt, I have investigated this matter and it has been confirmed that it was done by Jingmuchen."
"Jing Muzhen?" Yu Xiyuan was shocked and puzzled. "What does he want to deal with my husband’s company? There is no face-to-face contact or conflict between Shiyang and Jingyang. Besides, there is no need to make it difficult for a small company like us to do so much business in Jingyang. "
"This matter ….." Yu Yu’s face is cold and deep, and her voice is not emotional. "Aunt, I think you can go back and ask Guangpu first."
"Ask Guangpu?" Yuxiyuan suddenly more confused "this matter with her can have what? She never asks about the company. "
Gao Xiaoxiao always sat next to her and listened quietly. If she was still uncertain when she heard the name "Jing Muchen", now she completely understood what was going on.
But I didn’t expect Jing Muchen to really go to war with his company because of a word from Time Pu.
Looking at Yu Xiyuan’s woebegone, her heart sighed and she couldn’t help thinking of an idiom "disaster comes from the mouth"
"At the time of the charity banquet, Guangpu said something very bad to Jing Muchen’s daughter and let Jing Muchen know."
"JingMuChen daughter? Isn’t she only five years old this year? " Yu Xiyuan is even more confused. What can a child understand? How can it conflict with Guangpu?
Yu Dongchen frowned. "I didn’t let you go back and ask Guangpu. If you ask her, she will know what happened."
"Eldest brother and second brother meet …" Yuxiyuan put a low profile. "Can’t you help Jingmuchen beg for mercy? Our two families have been friends for so many years ….. "
"It’s not that we don’t want to help …" Yu Dongchen sighed and put it bluntly. "Jing Muchen, the man has always been disowned by no one, and even his father and grandfather may not be able to listen … If you really want to solve this matter, I think it’s better to let Guangpu apologize in person. Guangpu is sincere. I’m sure there will be room for everything. This is more effective than our appropriation to fill the lack of funds …"
桑拿会所Yu Xiyuan "…"
Although Yu Dongchen didn’t say the last words, she understood his meaning.
Now that Jing Muchen can deal with Shi Yan regardless of the friendship between the two families, even if Yu Jiazhen grants money to help, I’m afraid that in the end, the money can also hit Shui Piao, and in the end, Jing Muchen may not let Shi Yan go.
Her hands were tight and loose, and she thought about it again and again. Finally, she suddenly got up and said, "Okay, I know. I’ll go back to Guangpu and talk about it now."
Say that finish don’t even say "goodbye" directly pushed open the door and left in a hurry.
Outside, Yu Xiyuan looked at the old lady sitting there playing flying chess with Xiaobai and said in a hurry, "Mom, I have work to do, so I’ll go back first."
By the time Mrs Yu looked up, she had changed her shoes and disappeared from the door.
"…" Old lady Yu blinked and looked out of the room. Yu Dongchen "Dong Chen Xiyuan, why did she go in such a hurry?"
Yu Dongchen smiled and sat on the sofa. "I have nothing to do at home and I walked first."
"Oh," the old lady nodded and bowed her head and continued to play chess with Gao Xiaobai.
Yu Yu went back to the station and opened the door again after a long time, and Gao Xiaoxiao came out in tandem.
Came out.
Section 36
After some deliberation, Gao Xiaoxiao lifted her feet and walked over and shouted "grandma"
Old lady Yu looked up in surprise. "What’s the matter?"
"Well …" Gao Xiaoxiao glanced at Gao Xiaobai. "Xiaobai and I have to go out with my father once and for all and come and see you again, okay?"
"Ah, what is it, Jinchuan?" Old lady Yu looked at Yu Jinchuan and complained, "I haven’t finished this chess game yet."
"I have something to do first. I’ll talk to you later." Yu Jinchuan doesn’t want to let too many people know about it now, especially the old lady Yu is impulsive.
Seeing that old lady Yu was dissatisfied with Gao Xiaobai, she blinked and said, "Grandmother doesn’t have kindergarten, and it will take several days to start school. Can I come back to play with you one day?"
"…" Old lady Yu was so unhappy that she disappeared in her childish voice and couldn’t bear to blame her. She smiled and said, "Well, remember that you must come over tomorrow."
"Well, if Mommy doesn’t come, I’ll come by myself." Gao Xiaobai smiled and honeyed the old lady into being elated and let her go.
Yu Jinchuan drove Gao Xiaoxiao and Xiao Bai to the military general hospital, and Yu Xiyuan quickly returned home.
Time Pu has just taken a nap and is lying on the big sofa in the living room watching variety shows. There is a plate of cut fruit in front of the tea table and she keeps laughing while eating.
Seeing that Yu Xiyuan came back so soon, she was a little surprised and looked down. "How did mom come back so early? Has everything been solved?"
Yuxi Yuan took a deep breath and her face looked a little serious. "Guangpu just now I asked your uncle and eldest brother, and they told me that everything about the company’s stock was Jingmuchen’s mischief."
Jing muzhen? Time asked, "What?"
"What else do you ask me?" Yu Xiyuan frowned. "Guangpu, tell me honestly about a Yujia charity dinner. Did you say something to Jing Muchen’s daughter to offend Jing Muchen?"

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