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Ever since ChuYichen followed his mother Li Yuanfen to Yuncheng, it was a night-to-night party, because he hung out with those friends every day until late, afraid that it would be inconvenient to stay in the Li family, so he simply stayed in the hotel and occasionally went back to the Li family to see his grandmother and uncle. If he wanted to play with Li Zhenyu, he would make a conversation and ask him out.
At this time, ChuYichen is crazy with a bunch of dude’s box. Everyone has a hot and delicate makeup girl in his arms. He calls Li Zhenyu "Cousin, let’s get together at noon!" By the way, call the voyage together! I think he brought a woman last night. It’s good to compare girls with him at noon! "
After talking for a long time, I didn’t hear the answer over there, but I took it to my eyes and waved it again.
"no!" Li Zhenyu speaks concisely and cherishes words like gold.
His cousin Chu Yichen knew him very well and immediately said, "Ha, you quarreled with your wife!" "
"…" There is no sound, but there is a gruff sound, which is even more depressing because of being poked by people.
"Come out to play!" Chuyichen worked very hard to encourage "there is more than one beautiful woman in the world!" Sailing is right. One tree is bitter and the whole forest is abandoned! This girl around me is absolutely hot if you like it … "
Chuyichen was salivating over there and hung up. He couldn’t help but pie mouth "brain-dead! Xia Xue in my eyes and mind! I was not so fascinated by Yimeng at the beginning! "
There were several classes in the school office, and Xia Xue slowly calmed down. She recognized that she was not wrong.
Although it was her fault that she didn’t discuss the medicine with Li Zhenyu, she told him that she wouldn’t have children easily from the beginning of her relationship! Tingting accidentally let slip this morning. He lost his temper when he found the medicine in her bag, but she was a little guilty for a while, making him look like she was wrong. But what’s wrong with her?
The two seem to be getting along well now, but he never promised her or proposed to her again. It is extremely irresponsible for her to get pregnant and have another child rashly. Her own experience is tragic enough. Does she think she can’t have children if she can ensure a complete and warm family for her children?
This is her bottom line. She won’t be changed, even Li Zhenyu.
Perhaps her feelings for Li Zhenyu have long been beyond her control, but even if she really loves her, she will not easily change her bottom line. Without marriage and love, it is like flowers that are not pollinated will look beautiful sooner or later, but they will not bear fruit. If she insists on a result (having children), it is doomed to be a bitter fruit.
When she parted ways with Li Zhenyu and endured the separation of flesh and blood (the Li family won’t allow her to take the child), then she is really guilty.
I taught two classes in the afternoon. When the class was over, Xia Xue packed her things and was about to call Han Xiao to ask her how she felt and ask her out for dinner (to help Han Xiao ease her mood). At this time, a teacher leaned in and knew that "Mr. Xia has someone looking for you!"
Xia Xue looked up and saw a handsome boy with a feminine face coming in. The boy was about twenty years old, tall, thin, soft and delicate, like a Korean. His long thin eyes were staring at Xia Xue with a gentle smile.
"Luo Bin!" Xia Xue didn’t stay long before she recognized the boy as Luo Bin, the stylist she met in the nightclub that Tang Jiakai once owned! When she was held hostage by Tang Xiongqi, it was the boy who helped her to ask Li Zhenyu for help so that she could get help in time. Later, she came across the roadside at night, but she came and went in a hurry without saying a few words. When she went to the nightclub to find him again, he had resigned. "I went to see you. You have resigned!"
Luo Bin’s smile is charming, and his long thin eyes are as dazzling as obsidian, and his voice is still so gentle. "I resigned!"
"How did you find here and how did you know that I was working here!" Xia Xue was a little surprised and went over and said enthusiastically, "Let’s have dinner at noon. It’s my treat!"
"Yes, beautiful women are delicious at the same table!" Luo Bin walked side by side with her cheerfully and answered her question just now. "I heard that you went to see me because it was not difficult for you and Li Zhenyu to find you!"
"…" Xia Xue followed Li Zhenyu and she became a celebrity.
Two people walk and talk together as if they had been good friends for many years. Luo Bin is not a talkative person, but his gentle and careful speech makes people feel comfortable and will never be cold.
"Where do you work now?" Xia Xue is very sorry for this. Helping her cost him his job.
When answering this question, Luo Bin thought about it for a while before saying, "Tang Xiongqi sent people everywhere to find my office. For the time being, I dare not go to a nightclub to work as a makeup artist in a photo studio."
"Well!" Xia Xue smiled apologetically and said, "Thank you!"
Robin smiled politely and said nothing.
"What do you want to eat at noon? Don’t save me money! " Xia Xue slightly laughed.
"Ah," Luo Bin also smiled and teased, "I know that you are a woman of Li Zhenyu, and of course you are not short of money!"
"…" Xia Xue was embarrassed and didn’t speak again.
Perhaps he realized that he had made some gaffes. Luo Bin quickly said, "I didn’t offend you by joking with you!"
"Nothing" Xia Xue said two words in a small way and thought for a while, then added "Although I am with Li Zhenyu … but we think differently from others … I … still like to be independent and don’t want to give up or change my original life because of him. Are you white?"
"I am white!" Robin nodded his head and his smile was still so soft. "You are a strong girl or you wouldn’t go to a nightclub to sing!"
"…" The heart seems to have been hit. Xia Xue moved a little. The boy hit the nail on the head with a word.
"Don’t say that Manager Zhang didn’t even believe that you were a Li Zhenyu woman!" Luo Bin pursed his lips slightly, and his slender eyes were curved like black jade, and his tone was certain. "But I don’t think you secretly dialed Li Zhenyu’s number on your mobile phone like a liar …"
"Thank you for your letter!" Xia Xue once again solemnly thanked the boy for his good impression. "You are a boy with a sense of justice!"
"Not really!" Luo Bin shook his head and thought mischievously. "I won’t help manager Zhang if he is bullied again!"
"Hey!" Xia Xue couldn’t help glaring at him. "You are quite humorous!"
"Mainly have a good impression on you just want to believe that you are willing to help you! Xia Xue hope you won’t feel sorry for my leaving. If things go back to the beginning, I will still stick to my choice! " Robin’s gentle tone reveals determination, and people will never doubt what he says.
"I know I have to thank you more!" Xia Xue curved corners of the mouth blinked "kill me at noon! There is no need to comfort you when you are unemployed! "
Section 6
"Oh which can let the lady pay! You can treat me, but count me in! " Luo Bin said to her seriously, "Besides, I have found a job!"
Such a supercilious, attentive and lovely boy makes people feel good. Xia Xue looked at him and revealed, "I have helped you to contact Lv Jiayi. She promised to take you for a while! Her business card … If you keep it, sometimes call her and tell her that I introduced you to her, she will be white! "
Robin accepted the business card corners of the mouth Yang smile "with you are Li Zhenyu woman Lv Jiayi will certainly buy! Great! I’ve always wanted to ask her for a teacher! "
Xia Xue saw that Robin seemed to be a very romantic and emotional boy, so he took him to the French restaurant in the red room. She didn’t just cover her face with a sun hat and let Robin go ahead. They booked a box and went in to start ordering.
Still thinking about Han Xiao in my heart, she hasn’t called herself again! It happened that I was so busy from last night to now that I had dinner with Robin at noon that I couldn’t spare time to accompany Han Xiao. But with my knowledge and understanding of Han Xiao, Xia Xue felt that the silence of the other party was abnormal. Although it had already dredged Han Xiao’s thoughts and looked at her, she would like to open up, but … I always felt that something was wrong
After all, people are emotional animals. Once the wound is healed, there is always a process, especially the careless woman like Han Xiao. Even if she sees through the Liu love rat’s broken heart, she will have to recover for a while, so Xia Xuecai is eager to introduce Han Xiao to new friends and help her get out of the shadow of lovelorn as soon as possible.
Xia Xue, who served the dinner table, politely said to Luo Bin, "Wait a minute, I’ll give a message to my friend!"
约茶Luo Bin slender eyes smile curved "is to call Li Zhenyu for instructions!"
"… no!" Xia Xue said something and then laughed. "I’m not there yet, and I have to ask him for instructions even for dinner with my friends!"
Maybe it’s because Xia Xue is so proud that she doesn’t want to be recognized for everything. In fact, she is not the kind of unprincipled little woman. She has her own freedom and will never lose herself because of love and marriage.
Pick up the phone and find Han Xiao’s number. I dialed it in the past, but before I got through, something came in first, so … I was so embarrassed to get to Xia Xue!
"Xia Xue, where are you?" Li Zhenyu sounds gloomy. I can hear that he is in a bad mood.
Xia Xue simply didn’t know what to say. She consciously took a look at Robin’s eyes, and the smile was stronger. Probably for fear of her embarrassment, he bowed his head and slowly cut the steak with a silver knife.
What a coincidence! She was going to call Korea. Li Zhenyu actually grabbed her words and called before dialing, and she answered them in a panic, which directly gave people the feeling that she was calling Li Zhenyu! I just denied it now … Xia Xueyuan is a little thin-skinned, and now I really can’t hang up. Because my brain is a little confused, I don’t think much about it. "Oh, eat out!"
"Eat out!" Male voice suddenly high show singling out means "you said you want to talk to me after work! I’ve been wait for your words! "
"Er" Xia Xue wanted to think that there was such a thing. At that time, Li Zhenyu was furious because of the contraceptive incident. It happened that she just said something to him when the class was coming. I didn’t expect him to wait for her. I really didn’t plan to talk to him at noon, at least when I got back late. Even if Robin didn’t show up, she didn’t plan to ask Han Xiao out. I .. Let’s talk later! "
"Which friend are you with at noon?" The male voice at the other end of the sentence began to become dangerous and full of gunpowder.
Robin with a knife and fork slender fingers slightly stiff but didn’t look up.
Xia Xue secretly raised eyebrows has some unhappiness, but she still kept her poise and told him "It’s Robin! It’s the one who helped me in the nightclub! "
"You invite him to dinner!" Li Zhenyu was even more calm and angry. "I have been waiting for you to eat until now!"
"…" Xia Xue want to wipe sweat raised his hand and put it back "that you are quick to eat! I won’t go back at noon! "
"…" The man didn’t speak again, but he could obviously hear his nose out of the atmosphere.
"So first! I’ll call you later! " Xia Xue hung up the phone and put it by the table.
Luo Bin raised his head, picked up his napkin and wiped his mouth gracefully. "I seem to have caused you unhappiness!"

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