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Wen Ya felt strange in his heart, but Wen Ya knew more clearly that she was not an opponent of Mo Sina.

When thinking like this, Mo Sina suddenly joked and said, "Can’t bet?"
Tell the truth Wen Ya is really can’t bet but now … She doesn’t know how her heart has sprung up a don’t lose momentum. Wen Ya raised the bar and looked at the ink Sina "What’s the matter with this?"
"Good" ink SiNa hear Wen Ya so talking and laughing all the more show all give off feeling is vowed.
Wen Ya think according to the ink SiNa fool yourself in the past, it is very likely that ink SiNa is still lying. Wen Ya hesitated, but he didn’t know to refute the moment. Wen Ya’s face expression became more and more hesitant to look at ink SiNa. "What the hell do you know?"
Mo Sina has not answered Wen Ya’s question. He walked behind Ozawa and touched Ozawa’s soft hair. "Are you in a bad mood?"
Ozawa looked up at the ink SiNa drum gills help sample looks particularly cute, he hesitated a probably don’t want to lie to ink SiNa then nodded "grace".
Wen Ya began to feel that something was wrong. If it was before asking Ozawa, then Wen Ya could do it. But what kind of elegance should Mo Sina do?
Or ink Sina vowed from the beginning means to ask a Ozawa? Wen Ya looked at ink Sina with frowning arms.
Mo Sina spoke again, "Is it because I feel uncomfortable that I was robbed of my first kiss by a girl?"
品茶论坛Wen Ya feels cheated again. Isn’t this according to what happened? Ink Sina now move is not opportunistic?
Ozawa paused for an instant before some unwilling to speak again "um … she is a sister, why do you want this? According to the situation, everyone’s first kiss is very important, Ozawa … Ozawa is very unhappy to disappear like this. "
Wen Ya leng in situ so simple … Ozawa said everything? According to Ozawa’s personality, if she wants to ask Ozawa, she will confess. So what she didn’t ask was because she was too worried about Ozawa, but she was afraid that her wrong question would hurt Ozawa’s self-esteem?
How now she feels more and more that Mo Sina looks at herself with a smile and looks like telling herself what to do?
Wen Ya shook his head, feeling a little complicated, which really made Wen Ya feel complicated for Wenya.
Let Wen Ya speak more is the reason for Ozawa’s loss. What happened to her child with a low face? It turned out that it was still influenced by the drama …
It’s like my little sister has seen too many fairy tales and regarded herself as a princess. Wen Ya feels like … she also regards herself as the overbearing president.
But isn’t this ink Sina should have a setting?
Is … Is Ozawa influenced by ink Sina?
Ink Sina smiled and continued to touch Ozawa’s little head to appease him. "It’s okay. This is not the first kiss."
"Really?" Ozawa raised his head and looked at the ink Sina with a face of surprise, as if he were more excited than talking to the ink Sina now.
"Wait a minute …" Wen Ya couldn’t help interrupting the ink Sina and a child talking about what the first kiss was a bit too much? This is a topic that is not suitable for children.
Ink Sina and Ozawa both raised their heads and suddenly looked at Wen Ya when they heard Wen Ya speak.
Wen Ya, two people, one big and one small, suddenly fell into silence again. It seems that Ozawa has not subconsciously regarded this matter as inappropriate for children. But if she is more truthful now, then … Ozawa may lose sight of the topic he is talking about, right?
Is this suitable for a child’s education?
Wen Ya hesitated to return to absolute being, and her face was filled with a passive smile. "It’s okay … you go ahead." If it is a girl, her mother will naturally say something.
But Ozawa is a boy, and she doesn’t know how to speak in some ways.
In the process of a child’s growth, a child’s father has far-reaching significance to the child’s growth, just like what Mo Sina is doing now.
Can ink Sina … How long can you treat Ozawa? Wen Ya gaze at ink Sina hesitantly.
The body of the Chapter one hundred Don’t you dare stop me?
Section 77
Wen Ya still went to the ink Sina company, but after repeated requests, she didn’t become the ink Sina secret.
But at that time, when Mo Sina saw Wen Ya take the initiative to look at Wen Ya’s eyes with a three-point sneer, "How can you be so affectionate? How do you know that I will definitely arrange you by my side?" Mo Sina said that there are some ambiguous openings near Wen Ya "or do you think it is more convenient when I am around?"
When he said the word convenient, the bass was blown into Wen Ya’s ear lightly, which caused Wenya to shudder.
Wen Ya hesitated to retreat and then smiled and said, "Sina, do you like me so much?"
When Mo Sina heard this sentence, he suddenly frowned and looked at Wen Ya. "It’s only a few seconds before your sycophantic sample came out, just like a fox’s tail can’t be hidden."
Wen Ya bitter in the heart but still make a smile looked at ink Sina coquetry "Sina, how can you say that?"
Wen Ya said that he would lean toward Mo Sina.
Is it because her heart is still in love with the ink Sina, and Wen Ya is still somewhat sincere
Ink Sina abandon Wen Ya "stay away from me".
Ink Sina and Wen Ya bet that Wen Ya is willing to come to his company class. Wen Ya doesn’t know why ink Sina must be so stubborn, but now it’s not bad for her to go to ink Sina company class.
Before is to keep a certain distance with ink Sina.
Wen Ya succeeded in getting rid of Mo Sina by his "exquisite" acting skills, which led to Wen Ya being a sales department and a newcomer at this time.
But she is a newcomer, but it is also difficult to be discussed.
The reason for the discussion is that their department has a high demand for talents. When a person is new here, they don’t know much about Wen Ya, so they are imagining things.
Good wenya has considerable work experience for a few days, but it dispelled everyone’s doubts. At least they would never think of Wen Ya and Mo Sina.
Wen Ya’s "safety" can still be guaranteed.
On this day, Wenya came out of the copy room and saw her colleagues get together as if talking about something. Wen Ya was never interested in these things. She wanted to be herself, so she didn’t rest assured that she would go straight past them.
It was these people who saw Wen Ya and immediately hooked up with Wen Ya, "Come quickly."
Wen Ya couldn’t refuse his colleague’s "kindness" and just smiled and said, "What’s the matter?" It felt like something had happened, although she was not interested at all.
You can see that Wen Ya, a colleague’s pointing position, instantly froze in place.
Is that woman … claiming to be ink Sina fiancee has not been ink Sina denied the so-called fiancee.
Are you looking for Mo Sina when you come to the company at this time?
Although I warned myself again and again that she and ink Sina have been involved, Wen Ya, a woman around ink Sina, could not help but feel lonely. Is it possible that she is also a woman?
Wen Ya’s mouth was bitter, and her colleagues were quite enthusiastic. She introduced, "You don’t know yet, right? This is our president’s fiancee."
She already knows.
Wen Ya’s mood is complicated, but looking at his colleague’s kind expression, he had to cheer up and express his "curiosity" with a smile
Colleagues tut-tut "before, I always thought the president was so hungry and handsome … although it was an ice face, it was abstinence at first sight!" This setting simply makes the president look more handsome! Rich and handsome, he keeps a certain distance from the female employees of the company and never engages in ambiguity. Oh, my God, who can deserve such a good man? "
Yeah, Wen Ya couldn’t help asking himself, how could such a good man be himself?
She is a thing of the past, so she shouldn’t want to stay with herself and Mo Sina.
"But I didn’t know this world was right until I met Miss Su! There is probably Miss Su with such a beautiful family and a good darling daughter to be worthy of the president. "This colleague spoke without a somewhat heartbreaking and lonely tone, just like Mo Sina and Su Mo’s engagement made her brokenhearted.
Wen Ya has been silent because she doesn’t know what to say for her and ink Sina … There is already no possibility, just as her heart has always known that ink Sina will never become Ozawa’s father.
But now that he has a fiancee, why bother himself?
Wen Ya was sad and didn’t want to be seen by his colleagues as strong and forced to laugh. "I still have things to finish. I’ll go back first."
Colleagues see Wen Ya don’t watch the scene of bustle, a pair of hate iron not to produce looking at Wen Ya, but soon this colleague spoke with a somewhat lonely "but you are right … who is the current president and what do we have together? Hey, what am I still watching here? Forget it, I’ll go, too. "After that, my colleagues accompanied Wen Ya and both returned to work.
Su Mo suddenly turned around and looked at the group of people who were talking about themselves, but found nothing strange.
Although every time I come to MoSiNa company, I will be stared at by so many people, but she always feels that this time it seems different from before, but I can’t see if there is anything wrong with Su Mo in the crowd. I shrugged my shoulders and went to MoSiNa’s office.

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