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"I’m afraid I’ll hurt you if I step back."

"Okay, you be careful."
Qin Miao Miao hurriedly stepped back, but her eyes were full of excitement. Does this mean to fight?
She only took two steps back and saw Lu Qing hit his facade with one punch and went to Oubei Yao to hide sideways in the past. Only when they met each other did they know that neither of them was a good crop.
Oubei Yao looked at him coldly as "Lu Shao"
Although they haven’t covered the surface, Lu Qing can find it and naturally know his identity.
Lu Qing took off his coat and threw it aside, and his eyes crossed a malicious crime;
If the house can’t be put into use, let’s have a good fight.
桑拿网At Qin Miaomiao, Oubei Yao untied the button. This woman seems to be looking forward to it, and she is not worried about what she is doing with Lu Qing at all.
I cann’t believe I can let him. She came to me
"I didn’t expect to see Lu Shao in this situation."
"I didn’t know that Ou Boss had a hobby of robbing people."
"She’s your woman."
His tone paused expression of eyes more dark "she is my wife":
Chapter 149 It can’t be good.
Oubei Yao looked a little subtle, but before he could react, Lu Qing attacked him and seemed to want him to beat him to the death with a malicious crime.
Oubei Yao is not a vegetarian, so the two men fought. Although they didn’t hit their faces, they were really hard on the offensive.
Qin Miao Miao watched with some trepidation. It was not the first time she saw Lu Qing fighting, but it was the first time she saw someone who was equal to Lu Qing.
Unfortunately, I didn’t beat Oubei Yao to death.
Twist a head to see how Ou Beichen came out.
His eyebrows slightly wrinkled look complicated Qin Miaomiao hurriedly said
"Why did you come out and fight? There’s nothing to see. Go back to your room."
Ou Beichen
Qin Miao Miao said this to pull him back to the room but heard him say "no"
Ha, no, why not go back
What about autism? Isn’t he talking?
Ou Beichen’s opening in Oubei Yao was affected by the stagnation of his figure, and he stopped. Lu Qing took the opportunity to kick his ribs.
Oubei Yaosheng suffered from his foot stuffy hum a but didn’t fall to the ground is abruptly walked with a sneer at a way
"Lu Shao really deserves his name."
"Europe’s boss is not too rich."
Lu qing stopped ShiRan that fundus emerge a cold so emotional light way
"I took the man away. If Ou Laoda wants to reach out and carefully chop his claws."
"Lu Shao is really domineering and carefully kicked the iron plate."
Lu Qing ha a cold so way
"If the boss is not angry, we can do it again."
Oubei Yao’s body moved his ribs, but it hurt badly, and he heard Oubeichen suddenly call out.
"elder brother"
He froze at once, and his brother called him.
When Qin Miao Miao came out of the courtyard, there would be a big war with a stupid face, so forget it.
Or Ou Beichen’s fierce one word, let Oubei Yao release them. Tut tut, this is not an ordinary brother’s control. It is better than the old king’s talking.
She followed Lu Qing’s car to see that his face had been tense and his heart began to get uneasy. He was angry.
When she got off the bus, she was brewing what to say, but she heard Lu Qing speak.
"How did you piss him off?"
"Oubei Yao, how did you provoke him?"
Qin Miao Miao hurriedly explained when he looked cold.
"I really didn’t know that he was suddenly tied up when the hospital was recovering. He was crazy and insisted that I be his brother’s escort. This time, it was also a coincidence that I met this person. I think he has a brain problem and wants to imprison me and let me accompany his brother."
After hearing what she said, Lu Qing’s look eased some slightly frowning and asked
"Accompany his brother"
"Yes, his brother is autistic. I think it’s terrible that he is insane."
Lu Qing fundus across a dim light way
"Europe’s boss is very powerful, but we have always stayed out of it."
Qin Miaomiao felt very koo, but she didn’t provoke the mental illness, but she was tied up by someone, especially the person who didn’t even make sense, okay?
Look at her slightly wronged. Lu Qing raised her hand and rubbed her hair. She was overbearing and autocratic, but with a little gentleness, his voice dropped.
"Stay back. You’re my wife. Most people don’t dare to touch you."
Qin Miao Miao pie mouth muttered, "This person is crazy and I will definitely avoid it."
But now she’s Liu Qing’s wife, and she’s a little shy.
Lu Qing glanced at the courtyard fundus across a malicious meaning what the boss he knew it would not be good:

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