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I rubbed my eyes in disbelief, and I was sure that it was her with my mouth wide open.

I didn’t expect to meet like this, and I didn’t expect her to climb here alone with the same idea as us.
She looked at me with a complicated face, and her eyes were full of surprise. So was I. As soon as I wanted to speak, she said "hmm" to me, then turned around and walked silently in front of me. Maybe she knew what I wanted to say next and gave me the answer first.
I suddenly feel that the world is a bit natural and fascinating, so wonderful that my inexplicable idea can really come true.
Yan Jiaxin is dressed in beautiful moonlight, and her figure looks so intoxicating. Even though she has no idea to make those suffocating things, her back will never be forgotten. Because I have seen too much, she walked away from me and slowly disappeared in front of me.
I suddenly have an idea to follow her and see what kind of nai and sadness she will bring when she turns the corner.
I finally stepped out of the lingering footsteps and slowly walked forward to her. I took a step and looked at her quietly behind me.
She finally passed the corner, the corner of the blind corner, and I immediately went to follow her, but just after she passed the corner, she met each other.
We were in the same place face to face, and we were five distances apart, so we looked at each other in such an ambiguous way that she finally said to me, "What are you doing with me?"
I suddenly felt a little guilty, and my eyes wandered and I said, "I, I didn’t go for a walk with you."
"Don’t you think your words are full of lies?"
I immediately got up and left my mouth slightly. "Really? You worry too much."
She turned to me and said, "Really, I’m worrying too much. I hope I’m worrying too much, but don’t you think what you’re saying is like this one with half the moon missing?"
I looked up, and it turned out that the bright moon had been hidden by clouds before I knew it, and there was only half a crescent left. I smiled at her and she said, "There is nothing to say, so I left."
I really don’t know what to say. Facing my silence, Yan Jiaxin finally walked towards the face without stopping, and I was ready to turn around and leave.
But I just turned around and didn’t walk a few steps when I heard a cry. I quickly looked back and saw Yan Jiaxin surrounded by several people. When I saw this, I immediately went forward.
I punched the man in front of me very quickly, and the man’s head fell to the ground directly after I hit him.
In the face of my sudden Yan Jiaxin and tearing, both of them suddenly stopped and looked at the man who got me and looked at me ruthlessly. "Well, you dare to hit my brother and you want to die."
This man directly stabbed me with a knife, and I dodged while noting that Yan Jiaxin’s situation was not too bad. She had certain self-defense skills, but because she was wearing a pair of high heels, her ability to dodge quickly was hindered.
Suddenly, the man who was knocked down by me got up from the ground and looked at another bald man who was deadlocked by Yan Jiaxin. He walked towards Yan Jiaxin step by step, and his hand lit up with a silvery white knife, which was very obvious.
I suddenly have a bad feeling that at this moment, I have no spare time to pester this man and kick the man in front of me heavily. This man was hurt by my kick.
桑拿会所"Be careful"
Yan Jiaxin was suddenly shocked by my shouting, only to find that she suddenly came running behind her. Fear suddenly appeared in her eyes, fearing that she could not move in situ and could look at the silvery white knife stabbing at herself.
"Go to hell, bitch."
A cry of pain directly returned to this mountain, and this sound also made several people in the field stunned, including the man who was drawn by this knife.
I was injured, and my arm was scratched exactly. My arm slowly bled out, so the pain made me more awake. I held back the pain and kicked the man directly, then reached out and punched the bald man in front of Yan Jiaxin with my other hand.
The two men were so quickly put down by me. I pulled up Yan Jiaxin and shouted "Let’s go."
The two of us quickly ran to the front for a while, and Yan Jiaxin almost fell down because it was a dangerous road on a mountain slope, which became more and more dangerous. Yan Jiaxin immediately took off her high heels and threw them into the mountain, and followed me to continue running to the front.
When we ran into a cave, I let her go, and she was about to collapse and leaned against the cave wall.
I grabbed my hand painfully, and this right arm was already a bloody hand. Yan Jiaxin came up to me with tears in her face and grabbed my arm and said, "It’s all my fault. If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be hurt. You wouldn’t be."
She choked louder and louder. When she saw me hurt, she suddenly became at a loss. I was very weak and said to her, "Help me stop the bleeding."
After listening to my words, she tried to help me grasp the injured part of my hand and tried to squeeze it to stop my blood from flowing out, but how could this be possible
I was weak and said to her again, "Take off my clothes."
She suddenly froze, and I urged her again, "Come on!"
She finally understood what I meant and began to take off my clothes. Suddenly, she came out of the hole with a roar and repeated that she was getting closer and closer to us.
Chapter ninety-four The final answer
I quickly blocked Yan Jiaxin with my uninjured hand and whispered to her, "Don’t talk, shh."
At the moment, neither of us dared to make a sound until the roar stopped slowly. I let go of her mouth and gasped and said to her, "There is a little beast in it. Your voice has already disturbed it."
It’s a little dark in the cave. Yan Jiaxin has been squatting beside me and leaning against me. My right hand was pulled by her. She finally took off my clothes with great effort. It was very troublesome to help me tie up the bleeding wound on my right hand.
She was very worried and asked me, "Are you better?"
I replied in a low voice, "Let’s find a chance to go out when we can hold on for a while."
Yan Jia Xin was just about to help me up when I heard the sound from outside. I was a little familiar with the voice. I quickly pulled her up and looked at the scene outside by my side against the innermost corner of the cave.
"Eldest brother, the bitch and the little one seem to have run into this cave. Shall we go in?"
"Yes, eldest brother, don’t we go in now?"
The leading brother seems to be a little naive to say, "If you don’t go in, there is a wild animal in it. It’s not good for us to take money and lose our lives, but that bitch is not bad. It’s a pity if the wild animal eats it. Well, we’ll wait here and wait for them to come out. Once they find a wild animal in it, they will definitely come out."
After listening to these people, my heart beat faster. I finally understand why Yan Jia Xin met such people here. It turns out that these people are waiting for those climbers who got up early in the morning to come over and grab a good deal. They are not good people.
I feel a little energetic and slowly lean over to sit weakly. There is nothing too big to stop the blood from falling. Slow down. My brow is getting tighter and tighter. Now my heart has made a bad plan. I grabbed Yan Jiaxin’s hand and said to her with a little breath, "Did you understand the situation just now?"
Yan Jiaxin said "well" to me, and I said to her again, "Now I have a way to be saved."
"What method"
"I’ll go out and help you stall them while I still have some strength to stall them. Take advantage of this gap and you will have a chance to go out desperately. We must seize it."
"No, I don’t agree with you."
Yan Jiaxin’s hand was ready to get up and rush out. I pulled it up and said to me with a dissatisfied face, "Do you know who they are? They are the fugitives."
"I know, but there’s nothing we can do now. You know, there are robbers before and beasts after, and I’m already like this. Going out early and going out late is the same. Going out early and going out late is also bleeding to death. It’s better to let me stop them here."
"I don’t promise," Yan Jiaxin replied firmly to me.
I’m a little angry. "I’m not kidding you now, okay? If we don’t do this, we’ll all die, okay?"
I don’t agree with you even if you die, because life in this world is equal. You don’t owe me anything, and you are not qualified to give your life to me. You can’t control me.
"Yan Jiaxin"
My voice grew louder, and it seemed to be noisy again. The sleeping beast roared. It took our bodies a while to stop buffering. I slowly stabilized myself. She asked me again, "Are you okay?"

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