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She knew that Mo Chengkun said she was not interested, and that was really not interested.

Zhao Tingyun’s goading may not be necessary for him at ordinary times. It happened that Mo Chengkun felt bad at the moment when he was such a goad in front of ChuYan.
There is nothing in front of her that can make her feel bad.
Mo Chengkun listened to the lip corners and hung his eyes slightly, staring at Chu Yan’s bright crystal way, "I’ll show you."
Chu Yan ""
Mo Chengkun turned his head and stared at Zhao Tingyun with a sharp eye. "Come," he said, and his eyes were slightly provocative and looked at him.
Zhao Tingyun licked his tongue and smiled "Come"
Someone immediately cleaned the scene and cleared it for Mo Chengkun and Zhao Tingyun.
Zhao Tingyun and Mo Chengkun were slightly nervous while Chu Yan was next to Mo Chengkun.
喝茶约茶  title=Lanke looked at behind him and said softly, "Don’t worry, Mr. Mo must be sure now that he has answered."
Chu Yan also knows that since Mo Chengkun promised, he would definitely not hit himself in the face, but his heart is normal at this moment.
She nodded casually and didn’t have much to deal with LanKe.
Lanke looked at him and bowed his head slightly. After a while, his eyes looked at the field again.
It’s not a profound game, it’s just a simple guessing game.
Zhao Tingyun took the color box and raised his eyebrows slightly at Mo Chengkun. "What’s the fun of just gambling? Otherwise, let’s make some bets. That’s interesting, don’t you think, Mo Zong?"
Mo Chengkun saw his one eye "What’s the bet?"
Zhao Tingyun smell speech corners of the mouth oblique eyes some play across a side ChuYan paused "women bet on their women"
Chu Yan couldn’t help looking at Mo Chengkun for fear that he would open his mouth.
It can be seen that Mo Chengkun’s lip angle slightly shows a sharp and cold radian to "I never bet on women"
When Zhao Tingyun heard this, his eyes flashed slightly and he immediately laughed "Don’t gamble on women" and then tut tut "What are you betting on?"
Seems to be tilted his head and thought for a while and was about to speak, but Mo Chengkun spoke before.
"Bet on the project we recently planned, such as" Mo Chengkun looked at Zhao Tingyun’s eyes and calculated it passed.
Zhao Tingyun smell speech look suddenly primly looked at Mo Chengkun. For a while, he suddenly smiled. "That project is worth 300 million yuan. Mo is really a frank person."
ChuYan a listen to the brain is not a slight shock three hundred million can’t help but look at MoChengKun also too gambling?
Others are not noisy. 300 million is not much for them, but if it is said that it is less, it will definitely not count.
A project can be counted as 300 million yuan, which may be regarded as a blood project of a medium-sized company.
And Zhao Tingyun said, "Well, since Mo is always so frank, I shouldn’t procrastinate."
Everyone is in uproar when they smell speech. Both of them are malicious characters.
The two men shook Zhao Tingyun’s color and said, "No matter how big or small he is, he wins two out of three games."
MoChengKun smell speech sneer at all don’t talk.
Size of dividing line of six hundred and thirty maximum points of color.
Color shake Zhao Tingyun slightly eyebrow to Mo Chengkun "you first".
Mo Chengkun hooked his lips. "Today is my sister’s wedding. Naturally, manager Zhao took the lead."
Zhao Tingyun didn’t refuse to say "little" when he heard the micro-motion in his eyebrows.
Mo Chengkun frowned slightly and opened the lid directly.
People are surprised that he directly heard him smile "I lost"

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