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Near the end of the season, when every game becomes more and more important, Nihlsson’s recovery and Obasi’s recovery are all good news for Hoffenheim.

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After the 31-lead sealed the victory, Hoffenheim began to shrink his defense to save energy, and Ralph also changed Lu Wenbin for No.1 Teber to play in the 442 diamond midfield.
Although Lu Wenbin has been very energetic recently, he has no physical problems and his ability to fight is getting stronger and stronger, but Ralph is still worried.
He will still be exchanged by Ralph for the winning situation.
After Lu Wenbin’s game, Karlsruhe was finally able to spare more troops to attack, and scored another goal in the sixth minute to tie the score to 23, but he still lost.
In the end, Hoffenheim defeated Karlsruhe with a score of 32 away, and once again scored three points and 67 points to continue to lead the Bundesliga standings and far away from the second group of competitors.
His Bundesliga team hopes to see Hoffenheim’s collapse come slowly, and with the end of the league, there are fewer and fewer games, and Hoffenheim’s chances of winning the championship are getting higher and higher.
Winning Hoffenheim in this way is very important to win the first few rounds.
In Karlsruhe, Lu Wenbin scored 2 goals, won 20,000, won 20,000, and got a total of 40,000 points of experience reward. The experience increased by 16 levels and reached 4.312 million.
Then the team returned to the station and took a day off on April 19. On April 2, they only trained early in the morning and left for Leverkusen to prepare for the semi-final of the German Football Association Cup in Leverkusen the next day.
The tight schedule of the third-line battle is really beyond the average team’s endurance.
It is no wonder that some small teams are not happy after qualifying for the European War in the first season, and they can’t bear the pressure of double-line warfare and collapse and relegation in the second season.
If Hoffenheim hadn’t been driving a plug-in and Lu Wenbin had been leading the team forward, not to mention the three lines going hand in hand, the league might have collapsed long ago due to continuous injuries and suspensions.
Leverkusen, the chief culprit of Hoffenheim’s injuries, also had a two-month truce because the main central defender Nihlsson was injured in the second round of Bundesliga on February 13th.
Therefore, Hoffenheim and Nihlsson absolutely hated Leverkusen.
On the other hand, Leverkusen will not like Hoffenheim’s heart.
Leverkusen’s four-time lead in the second round of the league was equalized by Hoffenheim four times, and Lu Wenbin scored a last-second winner in stoppage time, which caused a sensation in the world.
Hoffenheim completed an epic reversal victory, which boosted confidence and morale, increased the cohesion of the team and fans and attracted new fans.
Leverkusen, who was reversed by Hoffenheim, became a negative textbook, and the background emperor was ridiculed by many hostile teams and fans.
Hoffenheim wants to avenge Nihlsson’s injury, and Leverkusen wants to avenge his reversal. When the background of the emperor’s great hatred and the promotion to the finals, this semi-final is absolutely as fierce as Mars hitting the earth
Before the start of the game, whether it is a pre-match press conference or a reporter’s interview, both players and coaches are tit for tat and full of gunpowder.
This is a revenge war for both sides.
At 19:3 pm on April 21st, with the whistle of the referee, the semi-final match of the 229 season German Football Association Cup Leverkusen vs Hoffenheim officially started.
In this game, Hoffenheim played as the starting goalkeeper of 433, and the combination of Ozcan Zhongwei was Iankel and Nihlsson.
Bilateral defender Baker and Ya Gisle’s back waist Gustavo’s double front waist Salihovic and Copado Lu Wenbin partnered with Parjic and Dembaba as three strikers.
Leverkusen played the 442 central defender Friedrich and the midfielder Rawls were responsible for keeping a close eye on Lu Wenbin, while other defenders assisted in defending Lu Wenbin according to his position change.
Anyway, we should try our best to stop Lu Wenbin from shooting in sports.
On April 2 nd, the first watch was guaranteed. Today, I began to count double monthly tickets. I voted for two friends to help each other.
Chapter 25 Ma Wei beg commutation ticket
Bayer Arena Hoffenheim away game against Leverkusen Germany Cup semi-final has just started. In the second minute, Lu Wenbin is ready to catch the ball from Copado.
This is an ordinary ball transfer. Lu Wenbin can’t hit the door in this position. There is no threat to catch the ball with his teammates.
However, Rawls, a full-time guard against Lu Wenbin’s lower back, didn’t care so much. He bumped into me from the side angrily. If he wanted to knock Lu Wenbin down directly, he wouldn’t go for the ball.
Lu Wenbin saw Rawls in the corner of his eyes and felt that he was not grabbing the ball but trying to hit someone to give himself a horse.
The physique has been increased to 11. Lu Wenbin suddenly snorted and did not escape, but adjusted his center of gravity to stabilize his heel. Rawls hit his leg and waist and pushed his shoulder back together.
11 physique has brought Lu Wenbin physical confrontation ability, which is no longer fragile in half a season.
I want to give Lu Wenbin a Mawei Rawls. The center of gravity is unstable during running, and the result is that Lu Wenbin firmly holds his heel and directly pushes it back.
Great power collided with Rawls, and suddenly the body tilted to the side and stumbled, but after all, it failed to fall to the ground.
However, Lu Wenbin waved half-length, then received the ball from Copado and gave it to Parjic to complete a catch transfer.
Dickenson, the commentator of the German sports TV station who broadcast the game live, was surprised to explain that "Rawls was going to collide with Lu just two minutes after the opening, probably to give Lu a Mawei. I didn’t expect Lu to have to be steady, but Rawls himself fell to the ground for half a season. Now he can fight hard with Rawls as a full-time defensive midfielder and knock the other side down. The growth rate of Lu’s body is really amazing."
In this game, Hoffenheim came for more than three times, and the away fans occupied a corner of the stands.
Seeing the scene of the stadium, everyone immediately laughed, applauding Lu Wenbin and laughing at Rawls’ mess.
At home, Bayer Leverkusen fans can’t bear to look straight. I didn’t expect Rawls, a full-time defensive midfielder, to miss and be knocked down by Lu Wenbin, who doesn’t look tall and strong.
Rawls, who fell to the ground in the stadium, got up silently and was ashamed to deliberately find fault again. He could concentrate on the real defensive technique to defend Lu Wenbin.
The game continues.
Although the opponent has two or three people to defend himself at any time, Lu Wenbin can still get a shot occasionally.
In the 15th minute, Lu Wenbin threw off Rawls and Friedrich and ran out of a gear on the left side of the forbidden area, and received the ball from captain Salihovic and kicked the door.
However, it was blocked by the time-back defense Bayer Leverkusen defender Octavian.
In the 19th minute, Lu Wenbin came to the forbidden area and ran out of a better gear. Rawls, Friedrich and others were all thrown off by him for 3 meters.
If Lu Wenbin hits the door, he won’t even disturb anyone.
As a result, Parjic didn’t interfere with the ball accurately behind Lu Wenbin.
When Lu Wenbin made an emergency stop, turned around and stopped the ball, the shooting path was blocked. Lu Wenbin could give it back to Pado, a surgeon in the forbidden area.
Pargici’s ball ability is not as good as that of midfielders such as Salihovic.
Hoffenheim also wanted revenge when he kept putting pressure on Leverkusen’s goal, and Leverkusen also attacked Hoffenheim’s defense line.
桑拿按摩But today Nihlsson was very excited.
He was injured in Leverkusen’s game and rested for two months. Of course, his performance against his old enemy Nihlsson was different again.
Although he has just come back, Iankel’s cooperation is still a little strange, but his personal performance has made up for the lack of cooperation
In the 23rd minute, Leverkusen’s front waist Augusto tried to break through him with the ball. As a result, he made an accurate and fierce cross tackle and knocked Augusto down with the ball.
But he tackles head-on, and he tackles the ball first, and then he tackles it to Gustavo before bringing down Augusto. This is a standard and beautiful tackle interception.
The referee signaled the game to continue without even blowing a foul or awarding a ball to Leverkusen.
At home, Bayer Leverkusen fans booed Nihlsson and the referee. They thought Nihlsson had fouled.
But Hoffenheim fans applauded Nihlsson’s wonderful performance and referee’s decision.
The game continues.
In the 31st minute, after Copado broke through Leverkusen Frings in the frontcourt, he was pulled down from behind by the opponent. The referee gave Hoffenheim a frontcourt goal.
This position is about 33 meters away from the goal, which is a little far, but it is in a good position.
Therefore, Lu Wenbin opened the Italian ball system, and the special skills were punished by the system.
Control Lu Wenbin’s body to send a penalty ball over the wall and go straight to the right corner of the goal. If it seems that no one is stopping it, it will get into the goal from a dead corner.

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