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Lin Xiaoqi was choked by their answer. "What if you haven’t skated? Why don’t we go somewhere else?"

"Don’t change, haven’t played, just learn." Lv Xining shook his head and opposed her proposal.
A group of people finally came to the new world skating rink in a mighty way.
Here, Lingxiquan looked down at his roller skates and glanced at them. Except for her, a row of skates swept past and pulled the sleeves of the people next to him hesitantly. "I heard that I didn’t learn to skate and choose skates. It’s easy to fall."
She really can’t figure out what Lv Xining and Di Qin said that they couldn’t skate and chose skates with relatively high difficulty, which made her look so different.
After a long time, she didn’t get a response from Lv Xining. She strangely tugged at each other’s sleeves and wondered if she was distracted. She just wanted to call her a "Lv" and finally swallowed it back.
When will Ye Qingting sit beside her?
Isn’t Lv Xining always sitting beside her?
Does he just wander?
But where is Lv Xining now?
The villain in Lingxiquan’s mind began to freak out.
Perhaps to hide her inexplicable panic, her eyes began to keep looking for Lu Xining, but what surprised her was that she didn’t know where she had gone at the same table.
She withdrew her wandering eyes and realized that she and Ye Qingting were now at a very close distance, closer than when he was sitting in front, so that she could smell the boy’s clothes clean and delicious, and she could see the amazing face.
At this time, Ye Qingting’s eyes were slightly drooping and her eyelashes were almost full of her sight, which made her breathe and move her eyes consciously, only to find that the boy didn’t notice all this. His eyes were always fixed on a place.
So she followed his eyes to visit her hand, which had been holding his sleeve tightly.
"I’m sorry," Ling Xiquan quickly withdrew her hand and smiled awkwardly at him. Then she buried herself intently to check whether her skates were properly tied. She thought it would be better to deceive herself when she didn’t do this. Anyway, she really mistook one for another.
However, she tried to keep her expression calm, but she couldn’t restrain the heat coming out of her face.
She just held the sleeve of Ye Qingting.
She couldn’t stop thinking like this, but at the same time she regretted her increasingly uncontrollable thoughts.
夜网论坛  title=Ye Qingting looked at the girl who started fiddling with her skates. Her head was buried low and she couldn’t see her expression, but her eyes were red. He suddenly hooked his mouth and said to her with low eyes, "I heard that it is easy to learn to skate after a few falls."
After that, he held the handrail aside and got up. He tentatively walked on the ice for a few times and then slipped to Yin Junyu’s side at a leisurely speed.
Ling Xiquan, he won’t answer his own questions. She thinks Qing Ye Court knows very well that what he just said is not simple to him. Communication is their current limit, and they are far from chatting privately.
But he still answered.
Lingxiquan was a little surprised and a little taken for granted. The surprise was that he answered, and of course he would answer.
Alienation and apathy are not embarrassing.
It’s like being gentle through a layer of yarn
This kind of boy really makes people want to stop, and they can’t notice that he likes him.
I don’t know why Ling Xiquan is a little melancholy and admire himself. He can enlarge a person’s words and things and think about them carefully. This should be like doubt.
"What are you thinking?"
The ringing sound rang in her ear and her shoulder was also patted lightly and heavily. She went back to God’s eyes and was impressed by Lu Xining’s enlarged face.
"Where have you just been?"
Lingxi spring feel face just cooling to temperature rising trend can’t help but twist up the eyebrow grumpily ask.
"Ah, I didn’t tell you." Lv Xining looked at her deskmate’s face in disbelief and looked a little confused. She left Lingxi Spring for a short while. What happened suddenly because she didn’t know where she was provoked? Lv Xining could hold back and slowed down to try to remind her of her memories. "I didn’t tell you that those skates were too small. I took them back and changed them into a shoe size.";
Chapter 15 Chaper 15
There seems to be such a thing.
Ling Xiquan had a vague impression that she was studying how to tie the skates tightly and didn’t care what others said at all.
She knew that she was indefensible before she became guilty. She just didn’t dare to look at Lv Xining. She just wanted to change the subject and lift this page. Lin Xiaoqi shouted, "Hey, are you ready?"
"Coming" Ling Xiquan cast a glance at her eagerly and then said to Lv Xining with a smile, "Let’s go."
Lv Xining confused about ah see Lingxi spring has eagerly hold the handrail step by step slowly goes to the Lin Xiaoqi them.
She really doesn’t understand how her deskmate changed her face like a magician, and now she is like a normal person, as if she was not the one who was angry just now.
Lin Xiaoqi several people have slipped into the entrance smoothly and watched them from a distance. Lv Xining was puzzled and followed Lingxi Spring to hold the handrail and move slowly towards the entrance.

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