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"I know what kind of person she is better than you," Song Qingcheng said. "Grandma doesn’t agree with me with Yu Tingchuan in part. Even if she didn’t say it, I know that she is afraid that I will become a Song Guan legacy. I hate my mother but I can’t change the fact that I am her birth."

Said the whole song rolled up his lip Angle "real future now I’m like her"
"…" Shen Che suddenly some speechless.
Song Qingcheng continued, "I didn’t know how much I can’t afford to be close to Yutingchuan’s existing opportunity to calm down, even if he has a child after his second marriage."
Just then the doorbell rang.
"It should be the landlord and them."
Song city back chair got up and opened the door in the past.
桑拿按摩Intermediary workers are very efficient, and the water is accounted for in less than half an hour. This apartment has been rented to make sure that Song Qingcheng didn’t damage the objects during the rental period. The landlord readily signed and returned the remaining rent to her.
"Mr. Zhu wants to move here tonight if he wants you to leave the house at noon."
Song Qingcheng nodded. "I’ll pack up later."
The landlord got a satisfactory answer, took the key and left with the workers.
Door Song Qingcheng went back to the master bedroom to sort out clothes.
Shen Che followed, "She’s gone, and she’s still in a hurry to urge you to move out. Do you also eat this loss?"
Song Qingcheng didn’t stop folding clothes. "What can I do? Now I beg her. If she doesn’t agree to sublet, I have to lose a lot of money, not three hundred dollars."
Shen Che asked, "So where are you staying tonight? Why don’t you go to my place and make do with it first? "
"No need" Song Qingcheng opened luggage case "Go to the hotel to get a room, and later I have to pick up my grandmother and say that I can afford to stay for one night"
"What do you mean, stay one night?" Shen Che frown.
"I have already bought a high-speed rail ticket. It is almost just right to check out from the hotel at 1: 35 pm and have another meal at the high-speed rail."
Shen Che calculate see that she is not going to leave yourself room for manoeuvre.
I want to stop her, but I know I can’t stop her.
Shen Che found a bottle of red wine in luggage case. "Why do you still bring wine? You may not be able to pass the security check."
"We’ll talk about it when the time comes. If it really doesn’t pass, it’s life," said Song Qingcheng and turned his head. "If you are stopped, you can help me bring it back and sell it to restaurants and wineries. You must know more about wine than I do. Anyway, 300,000 can’t sell the specific price. Just set the price difference as you want."
"What red wine is so expensive?"
Shen Che wanted to take another look at the whole Song Dynasty but closed luggage case.
Then the cell phone rang in the living room.
Shen Che went out to answer the phone.
It was Shen Che’s mother.
"I’m such a big person, why would you be so nervous?"
Chen Lan asked, "Did you send it with that surname again?"
"…" Before Shen Che could answer Chen Lan, he added, "How many times have I told you not to associate with no three, no four people? Do you want a wife like this?"
Shen Che didn’t want to listen to his mother’s nagging and made an excuse to hang up.
When he goes back to the master bedroom, Song Qingcheng has arranged things almost right beside the bed and tied his hair.
Song Qingcheng looked at him from the corner of his eye. "Your mother’s words?"
Shen Che didn’t deny that he noticed the bed necklace. He picked it up and studied it for a while. He looked up and asked the whole city, "Is this Huapo?"
"Hmm" Song Qingcheng tied his hair with rubber bands and looked at his rarity. "Do you like it?"
Shen Che said, "What kind of red wine are we selling? Let’s sell this flower bud. At least 1.5 million yuan will be earned."
"… are you kidding?"
Song Qingcheng took the Huapo necklace "Nobody wants to pick up 150 pieces by the roadside"
"Lying in the trough!" When Shen Che got excited, his face turned red. "Where did you pick up my imperial court? I saw a proprietress wearing something similar. She also showed off that Haiyuan Stone Auction photographed more than 1.4 million. That was two years ago, and the price must be more than that now."
Song Qingcheng rubbed his fingers against the flower bud and listened to Shen Che’s soliloquy again. "But since you are picking it up, it is likely that you bought it online."

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